Pharmacy Search

Pharmacy Search

Bringing awareness to convenient pharmacy options

Project Type
Web App
Mar 2022
Oct 2022
UX Design & Research

Project Overview

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Project outcome

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The opportunity

There are over 60,000 pharmacies in the United States that constantly compete to acquire and retain patients. The market is also changing significantly with consolidation, new forms of pharmacies, an increase in services pharmacies offer, and disruptive entrants (i.e. Amazon Pharmacy, Walmart Pharmacy, etc.) are entering the space leading to even steeper competition. With all of the available choices, patients are not aware of pharmacy coverage, nor pricing options/cost savings methods, and ultimately default to the traditional pharmacy they have always used based on perceived "convenience".


At the beginning of the project, we learned from the project's architect that building location services into our existing platform would take a lot of work. Instead of waiting on the engineering team to spin up location services, we decided to match search results using the patient's zipcode instead of their exact location in our MVP. While this resulted in a sub-par experience temporarily, we were still able to launch the product to alpha- and beta-testers to get feedback on other features while the development team worked on location services.

My role

I led UX design and research for this project, working closely with the product manager and software engineer to define the project's strategy. As we got closer to beginning development, I brought in an UI designer to help finalize the mockups for development.

Note: Due to the company's non-disclosure agreement (NDA) I cannot share any real visuals of the product publicly. All visuals on this page were recreated by me to replicate a similar, but not identical experience of the product (and also showcase my visual design skills 😉).

Interested in hearing more?

Portfolio presentations are available upon request. Please contact me and I can walk you through my approach.