About Me

Are you the type of person who comes to the About Me page before the Portfolio page? If yes, same! I knew we were going to be friends.

Who I am

Somewhat dorky, but usually very chill. My life goals are to live in a walkable place and create more than I consume.

My UX journey

I started in customer service and discovered I loved dreaming about how to fix people's problems.

My hobbies


My happy state = when I'm moving; Common activities include hiking, biking, lifting, and running.


Nature and urban photography are my go-to subjects when I'm behind the lens.


I'm almost always in the midst of a good book; Usual genres are fantasy, sci-fi, and biographies.

Video Games

Nintendo consoles will always be my first love, but I also have a ps4, oculus, and PC gaming rig.

Music Production

The newest addition to the list, I've really enjoyed making beats using my favorite songs as samples.


The list doesn't end here; I am a serial hobby-ist and love learning about new stuff.