Patient Registration

Patient Registration

Reducing paper work for patients and front desk staff

Project Type
Web App
Jun 2022
Dec 2023
UX Design & Research

Project Overview

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Project outcome

While this project is still in progress, some improvements I've helped build resulted in:

  • 2.4% increased engagement rate to start the registration process, resulting in an additional ~1.2 million sessions
  • An additional ~700K to 1 million completed sessions
  • Increased alternative text usage for images from 48% to 94%
  • Improved client's custom color palette color contrast pass rate from 15% to 55%

The opportunity

We've all seen the messaging from our doctor's office: Please arrive to the office 15-30 minutes before your appointment to complete your registration. Patients dread filling out the clipboard of papers, as do front desk staff members knowing they'll have to type it into their digital file system. How might we ease the burden of registration for patients and front desk staff?


Like many other B2B products, the changes proposed for the registration platform often hit a roadblock due to legacy tech. In turn, this causes us to sometimes think "inside the box" that we can support today, rather than explore more modern options. I have worked around this by giving myself dedicated time to ideate on blue sky solutions and share them with the broader team for inspiration.

My role

I served as lead UX designer on this project, serving as both a hands-on, end-to-end designer and also as a design leader, helping my UX teammates improve their research/design skills. I also ensured all updates complied with WCAG 2.1 AA and educated others on inclusivity best practices.

Note: Due to the company's non-disclosure agreement (NDA) I cannot share any real visuals of the product publicly. All visuals on this page were recreated by me to replicate a similar, but not identical experience of the product (and also showcase my visual design skills 🤠).

Interested in hearing more?

Portfolio presentations are available upon request. Please contact me and I can walk you through my approach.