Online Bill Pay

Online Bill Pay

Improving the transparency of healthcare payments

Project Type
Web App
Nov 2021
Aug 2022
UX Design & Research

Project Overview

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Project outcome

As of late 2023, this feature is still in beta testing. Phreesia anticipates this product eventually replacing our more antiquated online payment collection methods, which is an important part of the company's revenue.

The opportunity

Medical bills can be extremely confusing for patients: how much they owe, how they can make a payment, etc. This confusion results in patients missing or avoiding making payments on their balances. In turn, healthcare staff often spend hours each day answering questions and following up on past due balances. How might we make medical bills easier for patients to understand?


I joined the Online Bill Pay project at the very beginning, before the project had a dedicated development team. This meant the product manager and I often collaborated on designs and the product's functionality without getting any input from a developer about technical feasibility. We were able to manage this challenge by iterating quickly once a dev team was assigned to the project.

My role

As the lead UX designer/researcher, I worked closely with the product manager during the discovery phase, conducting surveys, interviews, and usability sessions into creating mid-fidelity mockups and testable prototypes. Once we felt confident with our MVP, I worked alongside two UI designers to finalize the development-ready designs. During every stage, I monitored our progress to make sure we met WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility standards.

Note: Due to the company's non-disclosure agreement (NDA) I cannot share any real visuals of the product publicly. All visuals on this page were recreated by me to replicate a similar, but not identical experience of the product (and also showcase my visual design skills 🤪).

Interested in hearing more?

Portfolio presentations are available upon request. Please contact me and I can walk you through my approach.